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Working the land in Dordogne

Robert Cowan of VoletsVerts moved to France in 2007 and lives in the Dordogne.

AquitaineWhat made you move to France and how long have you lived here?
I moved to France November 2007, what made me move here? The people the area and the climate, also what I could get for my money.

Which part of France do you live in, and what's it like to live there?
I live in Lamothe Montravel in the 24 area of Aquitaine. It's great here and not too many English so you have to integrate into the French way of life but its great and a wonderful challenge for an old guy.

What is your age?
I am 67 in July.

Open quote. Interviewee gives their moving to France tips Don't move to the sticks and try to stop comparing prices... Close quote

Where were you born?
I was born in the UK.

Do you work, if so what do you do and how difficult was it to find work or start a business in France?
I'm retired but I work harder on the land and its much more fun.

What was the worst mistake you made when buying in France?
Not buying the tractor I first saw as I thought it was expensive, but in the end I had to buy 2 tractors and a topper which came to more Euros than the first tractor.

Your best tip or advice to other people considering moving to France?
Do your homework, make sure you are ready and come over in all seasons to try the weather. Don't move to the sticks and try to stop comparing prices, if you move to France you do not live in UK so just compare prices here.

Did you find it hard to integrate or adjust to your new life in France and do you have any tips to help others?
Not really, I can get on with everyone, anywhere but the language is very frustrating. Do not expect the French people to speak English - you must make the effort first and then they can, almost but its such fun and you can have a great laugh at yourself struggling.

What's the best thing about living in France?
The way of life, it must be 50 years behind the UK, most people are polite and will try to help if you smile, the country the weather the birds the wild life, just everything.

And the worst?
The worst? The language that's all and its my fault as I cant speak French.

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