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Warning Triangles and Reflective Safety Jackets

warning triangleFrom the 1st of July 2008 it will be mandatory for car drivers in France to ensure that their vehicle is equipped with a warning triangle and a reflective safety jacket or vest. Anyone found to not be complying with the new requirements could be subject to a fine of 90 Euros.

Warning Triangle

A warning triangle must be carried in the vehicle at all times and its use is compulsory if there is an accident or breakdown. The triangle must be placed at a distance of at least 30 metres from the vehicle and must be manufactured in accordance to the Geneva regulation number 27, this means that it will be marked with an E and 27R. It is still compulsory to use hazard lights in addition to the warning triangle.

Reflective Safety Jacket or Vest

These must be available for all passengers travelling in the vehicle as well as the driver. Safety jackets must be manufactured in accordance with the Directive 89/686/CEE, as long as the jacket bears the CE mark it should comply to this standard. The jacket or vest must be worn should you need to leave your vehicle due to a breakdown or accident, and must be kept in a place that is easily accessible from inside the car.

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