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Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves

Collins French Dictionary and Gramma'Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves' is a culinary travel book that invites readers to pull up a chair and visit France's Dordogne region the way it should be bite at a time. Navigate the back roads of Dordogne, as well as the menus and markets, with newfound excitement and a fork and knife!

Through interviews with local home cooks and chefs, visits to local farms and historic sites, market tours, and wineries, readers will discover the true jewels in France's culinary crown as well as discover the country's most beautiful and less trod-upon provinces. Dordogne has become a favourite destinations of British immigration with 200,000 a year. It includes 40 recipes, breathtaking photos throughout, a dozen profiles and entertaining stories of local chefs, farmers, winemakers, innkeepers, and merchants whose roots are proudly planted in the region.

Each page unveils a local home cook and chef, visits to a farm or historic site, market tours, wineries, and other serendipitous discoveries. Over 40 recipes and 80 stunning color photos included.

By the end, you will have fallen in love with the Dordogne, its food, and its people, as well discover one of the country's most beautiful provinces.

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Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves

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