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Using UK Televisions and DVD players in France

Will my UK TV set work in France?

UK TV sets use the PAL colour format while French TV's use SECAM, however some modern UK television sets are dual PAL and SECAM enabled so you'll need to consult your television manual to check if it is capable of operating in SECAM mode.

If you only want to watch British TV or TV via a digital satellite decoder your  British TV set will work fine in France even if it's not capable of operating in SECAM mode. If you want to watch French TV you will either need a SECAM enabled TV or alternatively watch via a satellite receiver aligned to receive French TV. {loadposition contentad}

Will my French TV set work in the UK?

Most likely yes, nearly all modern TV's sold in France are dual SECAM and PAL enabled so they will work in both the UK and France, again consult your manual to find out how to set up your TV for either country.

Will my Sky digibox work in France?

Yes and you should be able to receive Sky without any problems, you will however most likely need a larger dish which you'll need set up and align towards the ASTRA 2 group of satellites. This can be done as a DIY job but you may find it easier to consult a specialist satellite installer of which there are many in our directory pages.

Can I get UK Freeview in France?

No not unless your Freeview box is DVB compatible then it may work with Sky.

Can I receive Freesat in France?

Yes though again you might need a bigger satellite dish than in the UK.

Will my UK video or DVD player/recorder work in France?

Yes provided it is connected to your TV set via a scart lead.

Can I play my UK bought DVDs with my French bought DVD player

Yes and vice-versa.

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