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At the Boulangerie

Boulangerie - copyright RobyThere are probably as many different types of French bread as there are cheese, the most well known is the crisp and crusty baguette or as we call it French stick. As French bread contains little or no fat it tends to go stale or hard quite quickly and so it is best enjoyed fresh from the local Boulangerie each day.

Longer lasting breads tend to be those made from rye (Pain de siegle) or the wholemeal (complet) and the farmhouse breads (Pain de campagne).


Breads that are labelled "Tradition" must not have been frozen at any point during manufacture and must contain only traditional ingredients such as wheat flour, yeast and salt. A "baguette de tradition" for example would be made from dough that is allowed to develop overnight before baking and not from the frozen dough commonly used by most supermarket bakeries.


A baker can only label his bread as "Maison" if it has been prepared and baked entirely on the premises.


Breads labelled with "Levain" must only be prepared from wheat or rye flours and the dough allowed to ferment or rise in the traditional bread making process before baking.

Other Popular Kinds of French Bread

Pain complet - Wholemeal bread.
Pain de campagne - This is French farmhouse bread, it is usually quite chewy with a thick crust and traditionally decorated with grapes.
Pain de mie - Sandwich bread and although very similar to English sliced white bread it is in fact much sweeter.
Pain bio - This is organic French bread and at least 95% of its ingredients must be organically grown.
Pain a l'ancienne - This is French bread made using traditional methods.
Pain de siegle -  A bread made from two thirds rye and one third wheat flour.
Pain viennois - Looks like a baguette but has a much softer crust and quite sweet.
Pain aux noix - Made with nuts, usually walnuts.
Pain aux raisins - Made with raisins.
Pain brie - A heavy crusty bread from Normandy.
Pain au lait - A sweet bun.
Pain au chocolat - Bread with chocolate chips.

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