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French in "10 Minutes a Day"

French in 10 Minutes a DayFrench in 10 Minutes a Day Audio CD is a complete programme that immerses the senses - hear, say, see, touch, read and write!

This comprehensive kit includes: six CDs with eight hours of personalised audio instruction and a 132-page book as well as bonus study tools including 150 Sticky Labels.

This easy-to-use language kit is designed to develop an immediate speaking ability. It's focus in on success, practicality and fun. It features: a personal tutor that guides listeners through each step - introducing a new word, using it in a sentence and practising it with them; the wide range of voices acquaints listeners with a variety of accents, from Paris to Senegal to Quebec.

The CDs may be used with the book to create an immersive environment, or on their own while commuting, exercising or travelling. The most important words used by travellers, professionals and students, conveniently arranged in 24 categories: key question words; building blocks for grammar; your home numbers; colours; money; days of the week; greetings; months; seasons; family; religion; verbs; time; directions; post office, mail; paying bills; travelling; dining menu; telephone; transportation; and, shopping and packing.

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Customers in the UK & France: French in "10 Minutes a Day" (10 Minutes a Day)
Customers in the US: FRENCH in 10 minutes a day AUDIO CD

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