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Konig Satellite Finder Signal Meter With Patch Lead

Konig Satellite FinderThis is exactly what the novice needs to align any satellite dish for optimum reception. Can be used for digital and analogue reception. This handy little meter is also supplied with a patch cable which is needed to connect this meter to your satellite dish.

A satellite dish has two main alignment adjustments, the azimuth which is the left to right or east to west position. The other adjustment is the elevation which is the up and down tilt of the dish. Using a compass you can set the azimuth to the correct value, for example 28.2 degrees east of south for Astra 2D which is the Sky / Freesat satellite. The elevation is then adjusted to the correct value using the scale on the dish bracket if it has one.

If there is no scale or you have no compass then you can copy another satellite dish close by or simply use trial and error. If you initially set the azimuth correctly using a compass then the elevation is an easy adjustment. Failure to set the azimuth correctly will cause you to align the dish on the wrong satellite.

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Konig Satellite Finder Signal Meter With Patch Lead

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