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Using Sandblasting as a method of restoring wooden beams & stone work etc

Q. Is sandblasting messy?

A. Yes!!, very messy. Your room needs to be in a condition that wont be adversely affected by sandblasting. We have turned down some jobs where a property has been freshly decorated. Sandblasting needs to be one of the first jobs you have done. So there is nothing to ruin!.

Q. Will it damage my windows?

A. Yes, sandblasting will opaque the glass, if not break it altogether. French windows should lift off quite easily, but if you cant remove them, thoroughly mask them off.

Q. Do you need water or electricity?

A. No, nothing at all. The compressor is run by diesel so we are self sufficient.

Q. Do you leave the sand behind, and if so are there other uses for it?

A. We leave you the sand. We can spread it around the garden, it is good for drainage and grows very impressive carrots if used on the veg patch!. Alternatively we can pile it up for you to use as floor screeding (sometimes known as blinding) in preparation for laying a concrete floor.

Q. What if my building is made of soft sandstone?

A. We don't tend to have that type of stone in the Brittany area, however those areas that do have it a specialist tool is used after sandblasting to re-texture the stone.

Q. Can blackened fireplaces be cleaned?

A. Yes beautifully, years of soot and tar is blown away! It can leave a slight shadow effect on some fireplace backs but mostly not.

Q. I have a wrought iron balcony and some gates covered in layers of paint, can you Sandblast them?

A. Sandblasting will strip them back to base metal, however some caution needs to be used if there are any fractures, especially in anything cast iron. Metal should be primed the same day to prevent rusting.

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