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The Role of the Notaire in France

Each town in France has its own Notaire who acts under the authority of the Minister of Justice and for the state.

notairesA Notaire in France has a wide role, apart from dealing with the purchase, sale, inheritance or transfer of property in France, the Notaire also advises on private and family law such as the drawing up of a divorce settlement or donations between spouses. The Notaire can also advise on company law and draw up business partnership agreements.

{loadposition contentad}In France all property transactions must by law go through a Notaire whether you choose to buy a property via an estate agent (immobilier) or privately, it is the Notaires duty to advise both parties in the sale as well as draw up agreements and the title deeds. He or she is responsible for collecting all taxes and fees related to the sale or purchase of property in France.

Each Notaire's office will also have a full list of local properties for sale rather like an estate agent. In fact it is often cheaper to buy property directly through the Notaire as you will only be liable for the Notaire's fees rather than buying through an agent where you will be liable for both the agent's and the Notaires fee. To view properties advertised at the Notaires you'll need to make an appointment as generally most viewings are accompanied.

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The Notaires de France website is available in both French and English and offers a search facility to help you find a Notaires Office by entering in department number, you can also search for an English speaking Notaire.

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