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French Property Prices Set to Rise

French housesNew government initiatives to improve the rail and communications infrastructure across the country are likely to have a positive impact on property prices in France which is good news for those that have already invested in French property or are considering purchasing here.

New and better transport links will open up areas previously unpopular with tourists because of the difficulties of getting there and will also bring in new businesses and trade.

"I think with the rail link and new infrastructure you will probably see property prices rise," said Hetal Shah the director of Investors Provident he went on to add that "It's comparative to, say, airlines like EasyJet - which try and venture into unknown territory. That does have an impact on the property market in those areas."

Earlier this year President Sarkosy also pledged some major changes in France to improve its economy, including a longer working week and transforming the French into a nation of home owners.

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