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Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner Gaul

Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner GaulForget the French you learnt at school. Based on twenty years of hard-won knowledge, Pardon My French takes you through all the words you need to survive, shows how and why they work, and steers you past all the pitfalls and potential embarrassments of speaking French in France.

Things you don't know about France:

You burnt Joan of Arc!
Smuggling live chickens into rugby matches is patriotic
How many times to kiss on the cheek
Where not to cross the road
French guns don't go `bang'
What do you call a party?
'bon appetit' is vulgar
What do you call a party?
A six-pack is a bar of chocolate
The dangers of being called Peter or Penny
Your smallest finger is your `ear' finger
The importance of Wednesdays
How to tip
and when to celebrate Christmas?

From sugar-cube etiquette to why the Marseillaise is all about slaughtering Austrians and Prussians as bloodily as possible, Charles Timoney lays bare the Gallic mindset alongside their bizarre language. Covering all areas of everyday life from eating and drinking to travel, work and, crucially, swearing and sounding like a teenager, this is not just the most entertaining, but also the most useful book on France and the French you'll ever read. 

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Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner Gaul

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