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Owning a Pet in France

If your pet is a cat, dog or ferret then you will need to ensure that it is microchipped as this is compulsory in France. The idea behind microchipping is so that domestic pets can easily be identified and traced should there be a rabies outbreak.

Selling, Buying or Re-homing a Pet
Cats, dogs and ferrets must be microchipped and a certificate of sale must be written out showing the full name and address of both the buyer and purchaser and the date the animal was sold. A certificate must also be issued by a veterinary surgeon stating that the animal is fit and healthy. It is also illegal to sell puppies or kittens under eight weeks old. If the animal is a pedigree then it should also have its pedigree papers.

Lost Pets
If you loose your pet notify the pompiers, police, Mairie and vets in the area and contact local animal shelters in case your pet is brought in. If your cat or dog is microchipped or tattooed you can also phone the following:

The National Cat Register (Fichier National Félin) Tel: 01 44 93 30 30.
The National Dog Register (Fichier National Canin) Tel: 01 49 37 54 54.

As with the UK and other countries it's worth putting up posters around the area; in shops, post offices and tobacs etc. Remember to take the posters down once your pet has been found.

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