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Marbled Newts

The Marbled NewtEasily mistaken for a lizard, the Marbled Newt Triturus marmoratus is very striking, females and young adults have an orange stripe running down their backs while the males in the breeding season aquire a large wavy crest along their backs. They are closely related to the Great crested Newt and have been known to breed with each other creating a hybrid of the two.

The Marbled Newt grows to a length of about 6 inches (15 cm), they also have the ability to rejuvenate lost limbs. Breeding takes place in ponds and slow moving water in the spring with adults prefering to return to dry land after breeding though occasionally some may hibernate in the mud at the bottom of ponds.

Marbled newts can be found throughout most of France except for very dry areas

As with all amphibians they are a valuable asset to your garden eating a wide variety on insects and slugs.

As with the Fire Salamander they were also once a victim of the pet trade industry.

In France the Marbled Newt is known as the Triton marbré

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