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Les Deux Alpes: Totally Underrated

Les Deux Alpes: Totally Underrated This little high-altitude skiing paradise must be one of the most underrated resorts in the whole of Europe, not just France. As the highest resort on the continent, it may take a little while longer to get there. However, once you do your numb-bum issues will soon dissipate.

Les Deux Alpes exudes a vibrant atmosphere. The town itself is bustling with people looking to buy anything from goggles and ski poles to crepes and pain au chocolat.

You'll find every demographic of skier here too. From old age adrenalin junkies to junior tricksters, Les Deux Alpes has something for everybody.

Being comprised of two mountains, its most endearing feature has to be its old school chair lift taking skiers from one mountain to the other over the town below, which is nestled in the valley of the two mountains.

If you're lucky enough you may even witness an ice rally motor race on the ice circuit below as you chairlift your way over. Alternatively, it's a five-minute walk in civilian shoes to go and check it out from ground level.

The town is quaint and the buildings typically Alpine. The hotels are everything you'd expect from a French ski resort.

The skiing itself is out of this world. There's over 200 km of piste with 56 servicing lifts - many of which are high speed.

The skiing highlight has to be the run down into the town from the south, twisting and turning through narrow gaps and actual tunnels.

It can get pretty hairy round there with the amount of people packed into a small space - but that just makes things even more entertaining, as if it needed to be!

Another great feature of Les Deux Alpes is that, due to the resort being located on a glacier, it's open all year round.

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