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Fun Ways to Learn French on Your iPod or MP3

If your New Years resolution involves getting to grips with the French language then why not put your iPod or MP3 player to good use and get into learning French with a range of French language courses and lessons ready to download in MP3 format.

Learn French - Easily, Effectively, and Fluently

Complete Language Lessons offer their French course either as a full download for just £6.99 or split into 12 sections allowing your to download just the bits you need from expressions and dialogues to French lexical drills. Each section can be downloaded individually for just 79p. Click here to find out more

Learn French Subliminally!

Brainwave Mind Voyages have a French course that's supposed to work subliminally, the course is available in two soundtracks; the ultrasonic silent track (yes that made us laugh to) or an ocean soundscape track, we don't know if it works but at just £6.99 it's worth a try! Click here to find out more

Songs for Learning French

Great for kids and all those of us who think the lyrics to Frère Jacques go 'soggy semolina', the Chantons en Francais MP3  is available as individual songs for just 79p or download the whole album for £6.99. Click to learn more.

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