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J.N. Paquet French Method

J.N. Paquet French MethodThe J.N. Paquetâ„¢ French Method is a method mainly aimed at English speaking adults - be they natives or second language speakers - who, whether they have previous knowledge of the French language or not, want to learn it with a seamless yet first-class effective method. The method can be used by teachers in a school, by freelance teachers, by private tutors and by students as well.

Whether the students are new to the language or not, what should their teacher teach them? Research tells us that students must be actively involved in engaging material to retain new material. The J.N. Paquetâ„¢ French Method does just that. It was conceived with the simple idea that students learn more and better when they repeat often what they learn, and when the lessons are both entertaining and current.

The general concept of the J.N. J.N. Paquetâ„¢ French Method is a hierarchy of importance of what the students ought to learn in order to have a very good understanding of the French language, as well as good speaking, reading and writing practice. The general implementing concept is through the learning of current and modern French vocabulary, the study of the grammar, the practice of questions & answers, the reading of texts and the practice of dictations. With the J.N. PAQUETâ„¢ FRENCH METHOD students will be able to learn the French language in no time. They will be both focused and interested in the lessons for the method provides the teachers with opportunities to both motivate and engage their students and make them feel proud of their accomplishments.

The keywords of the method are: comprehension, knowledge, current, skills, comfort, motivation and accomplishment. Although all classroom instructions and grammar explanations are conducted in English - unlike the Direct method of teaching, the teacher doesn't translate any vocabulary to the students.

A translation is provided immediately opposite the vocabulary to help them understand. However, alike the Direct method, it teaches concepts and everyday vocabulary through teachers demonstrations and bodily movements, real-life objects, pictures and visual materials. It also teaches grammar and focuses on a questions & answers pattern.

The method first includes vocabulary, grammar, questions & answers, readings, dictations and translations. Then, the method introduces exercises and conversation. The students' oral communications skills are built up progressively through the questions & answers exchanges between the teacher and the students. The correct pronunciation of words is then emphasised. During a lesson, it is important that the students speak 90% of the time.

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UK, France & Europe: J.N. Paquet French Method (S1/C1/L1-2): (Stage 1 - Chapter 1 - Lesson 1 & 2)
US: J.N. Paquet French Method (S1/C1/L1-2): (Stage 1 - Chapter 1 - Lesson 1 & 2) (Volume 1)

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