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McGraw-Hill's PodClass French All-in-One Study Guide

PodClass FrenchThis paperback and MP3 disk turns your iPod into a French reference resource for on-the-go learning.

Designed by technology expert and creator of the bestselling iSpeak series Alex Chapin, McGraw-Hill's PodClass: French All-in-One tackles three key areas of language learning - vocabulary, verbs, and phrases giving you a portable tool for reference and review.

McGraw-Hill's PodClass: French All-in-One gives you the flexibility of learning on the go and the ability to target those language skills which need more work. This package features common verbs conjugated in 10 different tenses, 30 thematic vocabulary lists than contain more than 900 essential words, and over 100 key conversational phrases.

Using the iPod's easy navigation, you can find what you are looking for quickly, whether you are searching for a word's meaning or need to hear how a phrase is pronounced. By using the Playlist feature, you can customize your learning experience; for instance, you could create a playlist of vocabulary you need to know for a test or phrases you want to use in everyday conversation. Best of all, you can hear and see your new language!

About the Author
Alex Chapin is an educational technologist at Middlebury College specializing in developing technologies for second-language acquisition..

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McGraw-Hill's PodClass French All-in-One Study Guide (MP3 Disk): Language Reference and Review for Your iPod

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