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In Love in France: A Traveler's Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the Land of Amour

In Love in FranceThe very first fully illustrated guide to the most inspirational and romantic regions of France for the newly smitten, the newlywed, and those who share a lifetime of passion.

France is a country founded on the many opportunities for falling into amour. From the gorgeous architecture and distinctly Parisian charm of the City of Lights, to the incredible views of the Mediterranean off the Cote d'Azur and the undulating flower field around the perfume city of Grasse, it's impossible not to fall "in love in France." This guide through France's most inspiring destinations includes romantic sites, exclusive hotels, and tantalizing restaurants as well as essential destination wedding insights.

Whether it's the streets of Paris, a winery in Champagne, or a marketplace in Marseille, every region's rituals, lore, and traditions are brought to light within the pages of this devotional for the devoted. Lovingly illustrated with photographs to fuel every fantasy, the book offers all you need to know to make France the ultimate destination for any romantic.

From the Author
I wrote this book as a love letter to a country I fell hopelessly in love with as a teenager and that has never stopped holding me in its thrall. But I've tried to show my readers a France they won't yet have discovered and that goes beyond the clichés - little-known corners of Paris where the spirit of Piaf and other chansonniers lives on in dark cabarets, forgotten chateaus lost amidst the vineyards of Champagne, and hilltop villages were great art was born and passions raged against the sparkling backdrop of the Mediterranean.

The books is a collaboration between myself and my husband Conrad Williams, whose images evoke the Paris and the France I love - one of chance encounters and secret spaces in which anything might happen, if you're of the mind to let it.. 

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In Love in France: A Traveler's Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the Land of Amour

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