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Glossary of French Legal Terms: French-English, English-French

Glossary of Gardening and Horticultural TermsThis glossary provides English translations of over 4000 French Legal words and phrases associated with legislation falling within the Civil Code and the Penal Code. In addition to the general legal terminology there is a good coverage of terms relating to house purchase and conveyance, leasing and renting of properties, wills and succession law, employment and family matters.

Apart from some basic terms Company and Commercial legislation is not covered. The glossary should also prove useful to all students of the French language since many of the words and phrases are used in news and media reports of prominent legal cases, and in particular to students and translators of French legal and official documents.

About the Author
Alan S Lindsey has compiled and edited a wide range of French-English, English-French Dictionaries and Glossaries covering: French House Building Terms, Gardening and Horticulture, Medical Health and Pharmacy Terms, Motoring and he also Co-Authored Hadley's French Medical Phrase Book.

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Glossary of French Legal Terms: French-English, English-French

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