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Glossary of Veterinary Terms: French-English and English-French

Glossary of Veterinary Terms: French-EnglishWith over 3000 veterinary words and phrases, illustrations of the anatomy of dogs, cats, horses and birds, this book will prove highly useful for animal owners visiting or living in France. Included in the book are details of the Pet Passport scheme, useful words and phrases when speaking to the vet (either on the phone or in the surgery). Additionally the book includes listings of dog, cat and horse breeds. All sections are both English-French and French-English.

This glossary will be of value to pet owners taking their pets to France on holiday or those permanently living in France with pets, when they wish to consult a vet. It is assumed that the user of this glossary will have a basic knowledge of French, however some general notes have been included to give additional help.

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