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French Sentence Builder

French Sentence BuilderBuild your confidence as a writer of French. You know French vocabulary. You know French grammar. Now put these pieces together and perfect your French writing skills. Practice Makes Perfect: French Sentence Builder shows you how to use your knowledge of the language to create well-structured sentences to communicate effectively in French.

Like other Practice Makes Perfect books, you will have many opportunities to practice, practice, practice. You'll progress gradually from putting words together into clauses to writing original sentences to creating whole paragraphs. Once you complete these exercises, you will have the know-how to write in French and get your ideas across clearly.

With Practice Makes Perfect: French Sentence Builder you get

Clear explanations on how to apply grammar structures to create sentences.
Abundant examples to show you how French sentences are organized.
Plenty of exercises to practice what you've learned, from multiple choice to correcting sentences to creating your own original sentences.
A complete answer key, including suggested answers for creative exercises.

About the Author
Eliane Kurbegov has taught French at secondary and higher education levels for the past thirty years and is the author of Practice Makes Perfect: French Vocabulary and French Grammar Drills.

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