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101 French Proverbs with MP3 Disc

101 French ProverbsThe grass IS greener with this French proverb book, enhanced with mini-conversations on an MP3 disc.

Adding proverbs to your language skills opens up a whole new way for you to express yourself. But to translate commonly known proverbs word-for-word from your own language into another doesn't work and may even change their meaning all together.

101 French Proverbs with MP3 Disc presents their translations and explains how to use them. Humorous illustrations help you remember the meaning of the proverbs.

This enhanced edition contains a 90-minute MP3 disc with 101 dialogues, spoken by native speakers, so you can hear how these are used and practice your own use of these colorful sayings.

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101 French Proverbs with MP3 Disc

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