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Side-By-Side French and English Grammar

French grammarOf all the obstacles language learners face, grammar is one of the toughest. But now there's a way to learn the subtleties of grammar without all the headaches.

This revised and updated edition of Side-by-Side French & English Grammar is the perfect tool to help beginning and intermediate students of French understand the similarities and differences between English and French grammar.

By learning French grammar through comparisons to their native English language, students are able to build on what they already know. They'll be better able to understand and remember French grammar while writing, speaking, and being tested on French usage. This innovative grammar guide includes:
  • Each section introduces a part of speech, explaining its functions, and answering common questions about it
  • Quick Check Charts that summarize the main ideas within each section
  • Appendices that identify grammar trouble spots, such as the differences among personal pronouns, the use of determiners, and verb tenses
  • A new exercise section with answer key to test and review knowledge

Side-by-Side French & English Grammar gives students a firm grasp of the structure of both languages and sets the stage for true language mastery and enjoyment.

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Side-By-Side French and English Grammar

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