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French Commercial Code in English

The French Commercial Code in EnglishThe French Commercial Code in English 2006 provides a reliable English translation, including all changes to the Code over the past year. The Code includes all commercial matters, including corporate, anti-trust, and bankruptcy law.

Areas with extensive coverage include general provisions on commerce, commercial companies and economic interest groupings, certain types of sales and exclusivity clauses, freedom of prices and competition, negotiable instruments and guarantees, the organization of commerce, and certain regulated professions. This edition also includes footnotes explaining hard-to-translate terms, an extensive glossary of French legal terms and a practical topic index. This translation is especially useful for non-French speakers requiring a precise understanding of those matters governed by the Code as well as for those practitioners needing to explain the Code to English-speaking clients.

The new 2006 edition incorporates changes to over 500 articles, including the major reforms to all of Book VI on bankruptcy due to the Law of the Safeguarding of Enterprises passed July 26, 2005 (Law 2005-845) as well as the reforms to all of Book VII on commercial jurisdiction. It also encompasses key changes to Books I, II, V and VIII covering the general provisions on commerce, public offers to purchase, guarantees on inventory and those sections relating to certain regulated professions.

In addition to the full translation of the text of the Code, this volume includes useful footnotes to define French terms, and a glossary of French words translated into English.

This is a subscription product. Customers may contact customer service at 1-866-445-8685 to place a standing order and automatically receive an annual update.

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French Commercial Code in English

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