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French Canal Barge Holidays

Canal du Midi esturary - Photo by Bruno BarralThere are plenty of ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of France, but to truly admire the natural beauty of the land, cruising along the country 's unique waterways offers the perfect start to a vacation. French canal barge holidays provide a wealth of sightseeing opportunities to explore, especially when visiting the world-renown Canal du Midi. Awakening the depths of your senses, you will be introduced to new surroundings filled with brilliant colours, surprises and treats at every bend.

What to Expect When Canal Boating in France

Canal barge holidays vary from company to company. Depending on your choice of itinerary, your trip may center on one or more different themes, ranging from wine-tasting adventures to sampling the ins and outs of French cuisine. The possibilities available during a barge holiday seem to never end, as you enjoy stops to romantic castles, medieval villages and interesting abbeys. Many tourists choose to participate in the various walking tours and bicycle journeys along the countryside.

Many canal barge holidays offer the services of a crew complete with pilot, hostess and guide. French barging holidays allow tourists to enjoy a travelling hotel upon the water with access to many of the features that land establishments provide.

For instance, an assortment of French dishes will keep you sated in between visiting local markets and other wondrous sites along the water. When taking a break from the local sites, guests may retire to their cabin, which may include single or double bed accommodations. Many canal boats also offer access to bathroom facilities that are often connected to guestrooms.

Canal du Midi

Bridge over the Canal du Midi - Photo by Peter GugerellWhen it comes to enjoying one of the best locations for cruising the soothing waters of France, the Canal du Midi is the most well known. Plenty of worthy French sights are connected to these waters, offering a variety of French canal barge holidays you'll never forget.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Canal du Midi is now considered a World Heritage Site. While on holiday, bright, sunny days highlight a graceful history decorated with breathtaking landscapes. The Canal du Midi is also the oldest artificial waterway in all of Europe.

Waterside villages, as well as intense flora and fauna open up to reveal rolling hills, scrumptious vineyards, orchards and awe-inspiring ancient cities. Not only is the nature and history of the Canal du Midi a delight to explore, but the architecture and craftsmanship of the canal is also a sight to see with its impressive locks, aqueducts and bridges. Overall, the Canal du Midi is a gem that has withstood the test of time.

After choosing from one of the many French canal barge holidays for tourists, you will encounter a wide range of striking attractions on the Canal du Midi. It is here that some of the best local wines and savoury dishes reside. It is here you will find pieces of the Mediterranean coast, medieval towers and regal cypresses to capture with your trusty camera.

Additional sights along a Canal du Midi route may include Carcassonne, Le Somail, Narbonne and Beziers. Take one look at photos illustrating French canal barge holidays and you will soon fall in love with the appeal of such an exciting and satisfying travel voyage.

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