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When in France, Do as the French Do

101 French ProverbsThe Clued-in Guide to French Life, Language and Culture (When as the Locals Do)

Finesse your way around France. When you travel to France, keep the cultural faux pas back home where they belong and guarantee yourself a gaffe-free visit to the Gallic landmarks and cities. Whether you want to blend in while in Boulogne, assimilate in Alsace, or pass for a native in Paris, 'When in France, Do as the French Do' makes it simple. A crash course in France's contemporary customs and rich cultural heritage, this handy guide is sure to prevent embarrassing blunders and enrich your travel experience.

Packed with more than 170 articles, this Francophile's dream covers a broad range of topics, including customs, food and drink, language, travel, arts and pop culture, politics, business, entertainment, home life, history, and education. You'll find authoritative answers to questions such as: When should you mention a person's family name in a greeting? Where was Napoleon Bonaparte first buried? How should you attract the waiter's attention in a restaurant? Why is traffic stopped on Friday nights on certain routes in Paris? What is the French equivalent of the Oscars? When did France join the European Economic Community?

With light-hearted quizzes, hundreds of cool Internet addresses, and up-to-date insights into all aspects of French culture, this entertaining and informative reference will delight everyone from students and tourists to armchair travellers and trivia buffs.

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