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Certified Digital French Breathalyzer (Reusable)

French breathalyzerThis is a fully electronic digital French breathalyzer offering high accuracy and ease of use.

Certified NF under the new French 2012 Law Change this breathalyzer offers an ongoing alternative to fiddly, glass blow tubes and bags and complies with all French Legal requirements (NF Certified & Approved). Unlike the breathalyzer blow tubes, there is no expiry date for this electronic device.

From Spring 2012, all vehicles driving in France will be required to have a breathalyser on board. In order to comply it is ESSENTIAL that the breathalyzer complies with French Law and is NF (French Laboratory) approved. Your device will carry a copy of the relevant certification so that should you be stopped, you can prove compliance.
  • Fully Approved French Digital Breathalzer
  • No Fiddly, Disposable Glass Tubes
  • NF Compliance Certificate With Every Purchase
  • Red Alert Light Set to French Limit of 0.50
  • High Accuracy, Easy to Use

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UK, France & Europe: French Breathalyzer - Certified Digital French Breathalyzer (Reusable)

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