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Coping with Cowboys in Cote D'Azur

Coping with Cowboys in Côte D'AzurThe path to fulfilling your biggest dreams is often a difficult one, as Marina and Roger Mattiasson discover in this hugely enjoyable read. Their dream of leaving behind the cold climate of their native Sweden and opening a bed and breakfast on the sun-kissed coast of the South of France leads Marina and Roger on a great adventure.

The renovation of the fantastic old house that they fall in love with is co-ordinated by the increasingly stressed Monsieur Chean. But will he succeed in his battle to keep his clients happy and an amazing array of builders, electricians, and plumbers working to finish the project on time?

As Marina and Roger become increasingly exasperated and their dream is threatened by bureaucracy, bankruptcies, and unofficial strikes, they discover a lot about themselves, each other, and the country they re moving to.

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UK, France & Europe: Coping with Cowboys in Côte D'Azur
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