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Let everyone know that you're moving with just a few clicks

packing boxOne of the most tedious things about moving to France is having to notify all those utility companies and other organizations of your upcoming move and change of address. A new website called now makes things a lot quicker by allowing you to notify everyone at once and by doing it all online.

The website service is completely free to use and allows anyone moving home whether to a new address in the UK or overseas to France to quickly and easily notify any company or organization in the UK from the gas to council tax of your new address and moving date.

The site will allow you to notify any company from your bank, broadband provider to government organisations such as the passport office or DVLA, you simply select the organisations and companies that your want to notify and add them to your own personal list, set up your old and new address and click the send now button to notify them all at once.

You can even use the service if you've already moved but have forgotten to notify some companies of your change of address.

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