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Trying to Call an 0870 Number From France?

Photo by Diane MillerHave you ever needed to phone a company or organisation in the UK only to discover that the only phone number you have or can find for them begins with 0800 or 0845 or similar number that can't be dialled from France or indeed anywhere outside of the UK?

Many big companies from banks to insurance companies use these non geographical numbers starting with 08 and many of these are premium rate telephone numbers such as those starting with 0871.

Trying to locate a normal contact number on most company websites or via online yellow pages is also fruitless and if for example you needed to contact your bank or credit card company back in England in a hurry then sending a letter just won't do. Luckily help is at hand in the form of a website called which has a huge database of companies and their equivalent geographical numbers.

Searching the database is quick and easy, you can search by the company name or the 0800, 0870 or whichever number it is you're trying to dial, just use the search link at the top of the page. You can also help make the database bigger by adding a phone number if you want to.

Click here to visit the Say No to 0870 website

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