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Plans Cadastre and Viewing Cadastral Plans Online

The Plan cadastral is the French equivalent of the land registry in the UK, all departmental areas in France are divided up into numbered plots and when you buy a property in France its boundaries are identified by the place name 'lieudit' and its individual cadastral number. The cadastre plans literally tell you what you are about to purchase, so it's very important to study them carefully before making an offer.

Your plan cadastre is also useful for resolving boundary disputes, although for complex boundary disputes the services of a géomètre or land surveyor may be required.

Previously to you would have needed to ask the vendor or agent for printed copies of the plan cadastre for any property you were interested in (if you've already purchased in France then you will find the cadastral plans in with the property deeds sent to you by your Notaire).

www.cadastre.gouv.frBut a website launched by the French government aims to place cadastre plans covering the whole of France online for easy viewing and accessibility. Although still in its Beta stage the website has already mapped the cadastral plans of many departments with more being added weekly.

The website is fairly easy to use and even has an English version available. To get started simply enter in the address of the property (you can also search for a commune or town to view the cadastral plan of larger areas). Your search should yield a list of results divided into parcel or 'Parcelle' numbers if you use the French version.

If you are unable to recognise the precise property that you are interested in from the list try clicking the first one in the list and use the zoom and pan features of the map to locate the correct one.

You can use the tools menu to select a plan and view the postal address and the number of square metres the property consists of, the print button will open an Adobe Acrobat file that you can either print off or save to your computer. Some areas also have premium versions available to purchase in larger formats either ready printed or as a downloadable file.

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