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Breathalyser kits are now compulsory in all vehicles

Breath Test KitNew laws have come in to effect in France which require all drivers to carry a breathalyser kit in their car. The law which excludes mopeds means that drivers caught without a breathalyser kit will be fined 11 euros.

Foreign drivers are also required to carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicles but there will be a grace period up until November 2012.

The new law is aimed at cutting road traffic accidents in France that are caused by drink driving.

Drivers must also carry a high high-visibility safety or jacket and a red warning triangle.

Alcohol is still a major factor in road traffic deaths in France and around 28 percent of road traffic accidents involve drivers with a high levels of alcohol in their blood.

The government is also looking in to the possibility of having all new cars built with anti-start breath test monitors fitted.

Part of the new road safety campaign will also include the introduction of 400 new speed cameras by the end of the year, the new speed cameras will no longer be advertised by warning signs.

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