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Auto-entrepreneur: Good news for small businesses!

Good news for the self-employed and those wishing to start a business in France as from the 1st of January 2009 France will be introducing major changes to the self-employment system.

The new system called auto entrepreneur will make it much easier, quicker and cheaper for individuals to start up a small business in France.

Under the auto-entrepreneur system there will be limits on turnover of €80,000 for commerce businesses and €32,00 for service based businesses, social charges however will be a lot more affordable.

Businesses engaged in commercial activities should expect to pay 13% of their annual turnover in social charges and taxes while service based businesses will pay 23% of their annual turnover in social charges and taxes.

The main highlights of the auto-entrepreneur system are that newly registered individuals will be exempt from paying taxe professionnelle for the first 3 years and there will be no social charges or taxes payable until the new business starts to generate sales.

Registering into the auto-entrepreneur system is much simpler there are no courses to attend and no registration fees, you just need to visit your local Chambre de Commerce or Métiers and fill out a form.

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