Cruising Around France

It goes without saying that France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world full of breathtaking sights, tasty cuisine, and rich culture. As a local, an expat, or a tourist, taking a river cruise is one of the most memorable experiences you could have. France is, after all, home to the most popular rivers in the country like the Seine and Rhone. This is an experience that enables you to take in all that France has to offer in one trip France has to offer in one trip. Here are some popular river cruises in France for your consideration:

Palace of the Popes

Palace of the Popes

Paris, Burgundy and Provence

This river cruise runs from Paris to Avignon in twelve days. The cruise enables you to marvel at the stunning beauty of the capital of France, Paris and also get to see the Eiffel–designed market of Dijon. You also get to see the tiny beautiful walled town of Perouges. This cruise also lets you encounter the utter beauty of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon which was once the seat of western Christianity. This is an ideal place for history buffs who are interested in gothic culture since this is the biggest gothic palace in all of Europe. This beautiful palace overlooks the Rhone River.

Chateaux, Rivers and Wine

This cruise runs through Bordeaux in eight days and takes you through farms, vineyards and lush landscapes. As many know, Bordeaux is synonymous with fine wine. The cruise is especially suited for folks who enjoy the fine things in life because it involves activities like learning to create your own blend of cognac, enjoying France’s finest oysters and sipping on France's fine wines like Saint-Émulion and Medoc.

Paris to Normandy

This eight day cruise enables you to travel along the Seine from beautiful Paris to picturesque Normandy. The journey starts from Paris sailing to Vernon where you can witness Claude Monet’s beautiful garden at Giverny (which inspired his great art work). The journey continues to Les Andelys where Chateau Gaillard is situated. The Chateau was built by King Richard the Lionheart of England. You also get to visit Normandy, famous for it's beaches and Vincent van Gogh’s Auvers-sur-oise.

River Seine passing near the Eiffel tower

River Seine passing near the Eiffel tower

Bordeaux and the Dordogne

This cruise enables you to explore the rivers of Garonne and Dordogne starting from the fortification of Blayes to the chateau at Cadillac and Bordeaux. It goes without saying that this cruise involves a lot of wine and fine meals.



Although there are just a few river cruises in France, there is so much to see in a single cruise that they become quite affordable when you consider the cost of visiting all these places individually. Not to mention, the scenic views from a watery perspective gives an almost surreal quality to the experience. If you're considering moving to France, it will definitely give you a lay of the land and potentially open up some new locations you hadn't considered visiting before. It really is a great way to get a feeling for what France has to offer it is without question an experience you're not likely to forget.

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Cruising Around France
It goes without saying that France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world full of breathtaking sights, tasty cuisine, and rich culture. As a local, an expat, or a tourist,...

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