Bringing French Style To Your Home

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Throughout history the French have been renowned for their opulence, culture, style and sophistication, which is what attracts many people to relocate to France and pay tribute to the varying French styles in their homes. Whether you’ve relocated to live in the heart of the French Dordogne or have a hankering to bring France to the hustle and bustle of aNew York City apartment, you can create the perfect French haven in your home.

Choosing Your Style

First things first, you need to decide on which type of French style you would like to bring into you home. This can depend on your own personal tastes, as well as the type of property you live in and its location. A traditional French farmhouse would typically be better suited to a rustic country look, rather than the opulent and sometimes over the top Parisian style.

Take the time to think about the type of space you have to work with and be sure to choose furniture that will enhance the area and have the right function for the room too. For example, if you have a small space, choose smaller and fewer furniture pieces that will take up less floor space, making it feel and look bigger.

Head To The Flea Markets

To bring French style into your home you need to start with the furniture and what better place to start looking than at your local flea market, wherever you are.

The great thing about flea markets and antique fairs is that there’s always plenty on offer if you look in the right places. However, don’t be disheartened if you don’t find what you’re looking on your first visit, as new stock will arrive relatively frequently, so it shouldn’t be too long until see exactly what you’re looking for. Although, be warned you may need to give the piece a lick of paint for a new lease of life.

Keep your eyes peeled for antique Parisian style vanity dressers and tables with plenty of intricate detail or rustic kitchen tables and dining room chairs that will help to transform your house into a bona fide French home.

If you don’t fancy the flea markets, then head to local home furniture stores or antique shops where you can find quality handcrafted furniture in all sorts of different French styles to suit your needs that will be ready to use right away.

The Finer Details

As the French have a tendency to be enjoy the finer things in life, think Foie Gras, rich bodied red wines and of course champagne, it’s only right that you think in the same way about styling your home.

It’s the finer details in home décor that make all the difference to a successful design transformation. Whatever theme you have decided on for decorating your home, it’s now time to think about tying it all together.

The French are big on plush fabrics, flowing curtains, luxury cushions, throws and rugs that make any room feel inviting, comfortable and stylish all in one. So think carefully about the fabrics you use, for country shabby-chic, crisp white linens with lace trims and linen runners are a must. Whereas the other end of the spectrum, Parisian romance is about delicately coloured silks, silver and gold thread ropes for curtain tie-backs and plump cushions.

Beyond the fabrics you need to think about the accessories. A great way to get a country feel into your home, is to fill traditional styled porcelain jugs with stems of fresh lavender, antique tableware that will look perfectly displayed in a big French dresser and complemented by French landscape paintings.

For a sleek look, like the Delphine style, get your hands on delicate and intricately decorated mirrors, pictures frames, and jewelled candelabra light fittings. This clean and pretty look works well in apartments and houses alike, so you can really go to town with this style in your home.

With French style the possibilities are endless. And if you’re away from home and missing the hustle and bustle of New York City or London, then why get the best of both worlds and invest in a home from home with a New York Apartment that brings French style to the Big Apple.

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Bringing French Style To Your Home
(photo by frenchelleMay67livingroom via flickr) Throughout history the French have been renowned for their opulence, culture, style and sophistication, which is what attracts...

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