Currency Exchange - Changing Your Pounds into Euros

Currency exchangeIt is strange to find that purchasers of property in France are always keen to negotiate a good price on the house of their dreams, but then fail to appreciate that great savings can be made by ensuring that they receive the best exchange rate from Sterling to euros or visa versa. When buying property in France, you'll usually have to pay a deposit, staged payments and/or the full purchase price. During this process, you'll be required to convert your British Pounds to the currency of the country you're buying in.

Since the exchange process is simply one tiny aspect of the entire transaction, many buyers fail to give it the attention it deserves and therefore make a fundamental mistake.

Most buyers understand that the price of currency fluctuates second by second, and they also realise that banks add on a 2-5% profit margin when selling the currency to you!

However what many buyers do not realise is that there are ways to purchase currency at a much better rate, by buying at the right place and the right time. To save £1,000's on your currency exchange and transfer charges; call a Currency Exchange Specialist, rather than using your high street bank!

In most instances you will have a set exchange rate in mind when you determine the cost of the property that you want to buy. Generally, buyers find a property, get the current exchange rate and base their decision to buy at the price based on that day's currency exchange rate. If you're very lucky, on the day you actually send your money abroad, you may achieve your budgeted rate, or the rate you had in mind.

Why lucky? Many buyers leave all their currency purchases to the last minute and leave themselves at the mercy of whatever the rate is at that time. Exchange rates do fluctuate, much more than people realise, and the art is to time your purchases so that your budgeted exchange rate is achieved. But do you have the time to do this?

That's where working in tandem with the right currency specialist can be so beneficial. If you tell the specialist what your budgeted rate is and details of the payment schedule, they will have the time (and inclination) to try and achieve the budgeted rate for you.

We have teamed up with the Foremost Currency Group for currency exchange and transfer services. They cannot see into the future, but they can prepare you for it. It is possible to implement monitoring systems to protect a minimum exchange rate. Depending upon the size of the transaction the potential gain could amount to a very tidy sum, but no matter what happens, you are always protected against any negative exchange rate movements that could leave you out of pocket. It is also possible to lock into exchange rates when rates are especially beneficial. Our business partners at Foremost Currency Group with a dedicated dealer in Andrew Norton who can do this at no cost to you.

What are the benefits?

  • Forget about it - no more monthly worries!
  • Cheaper transfer charges, most banks charge between £10 - £40 Per transfer
  • Commission free - banks charge as much as 2%
  • Commercial exchange rate on smaller sums
  • Security of fixing prices up to two years into the future
  • Proof of Payment (POP)

The Foremost Currency Group charges no fees, no commission and actually works with clients to determine the best way to avoid risk and save as much money as possible.

The Foremost Currency Group offers a full report on how the Currency Exchange Market works and weekly currency updates on whether it's a good time to Buy, Sell or hold tight.

Click here to request a free no obligation quotation from the Foremost Currency Group

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Currency Exchange - Changing Your Pounds into Euros
It is strange to find that purchasers of property in France are always keen to negotiate a good price on the house of their dreams, but then fail to appreciate that great savings...

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