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Living in FranceOur living in France section is designed to help you find practical information and advice about living in France or moving to France, from every day stuff like opening a bank account to getting married. Our latest living in France articles and factsheets are listed below or you can choose one of our living in France categories from the menu below.

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Living in France

5 things to consider before moving to France

moving to France
France has long been a honeypot for expats. Whether you are moving for work opportunities, pleasure, or a combination of the two, careful planning can certainly set your French adventure on the right track.


Bringing French Style To Your Home

french style living room
Throughout history the French have been renowned for their opulence, culture, style and sophistication, which is what attracts many people to relocate to France and pay tribute to the varying French styles in their homes. Whether you’ve relocated to live in the heart of the French Dordogne or have a hankering to bring France to the hustle and bustle of aNew York City apartment, you can create the perfect French haven in your home.


Helping your children integrate into the French schooling system

french school One of the main considerations for a family moving to France is how the French education system works, and how easily their children will integrate into it.


Now Backed By Sir Richard Branson, TransferWise Raises $25M For Cheaper Money Transfers

 TransferWise Raises $25M For Cheaper Money Transfers Started by the people who built of PayPal and Skype (and now funded by Sir Richard Branson), Transferwise makes the process of doing foreign currency transfers (forex) extremely simple. The fees are a fraction of what most banks charge and they give you the current mid-day current exchange rates!


The Top 5 Cities in France for French Language Study

The Top 5 Cities in France for French Language StudyThere are plenty of reasons to learn French. Do you plan to use it in your present or future career? Do you want to learn to speak the native language of your significant other? Are you interested in French because you love the way it sounds or the country it came from?


French Tax Bulletin – November 2012

taxThe much awaited Instruction complementing the new French tax measures affecting trusts with French resident parties or French situs assets has proved to be a bit of “a damp squib”...read more


French Tax Bulletin – 26 July 2012 Trust Instruction

taxThe French tax administration have confirmed in a recent instruction - reference 13K-5-12 - that the 2012 filing deadline for the 2012 trustee French tax reporting is postponed to 15 September 2012, from the original date of 15 June. The new date is also the payment deadline for the 0.5% trust tax charge where this applies.


American Expats and Obamacare. What should American expats living abroad know?

The US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or so-called “Obamacare” was upheld by the Supreme Court in June 2012. Starting January 1, 2014 U.S. citizens will be required to carry affordable healthcare coverage or pay a penalty tax. The annual penalty tax will be $95 on individuals who do not have an acceptable insurance coverage. The penalty tax is scheduled to increase to $695 by 2016...


French Tax Bulletin - July 2012

taxThe projet de loi de finances rectificative pour 2012 was released on 4th July and contains a number of measures which will necessarily affect individual taxpayers...


3 Travel Hacks For Staying Connected In France And The EU

LeFrench MobileExpensive fees for texts, calls and data use can ruin your long-awaited trip to France. Here are a few options that can help you stay connected without breaking your travel budget while in France and the European Union...


Marrying a French citizen in France

marriageFrance is more and more attractive for foreigners: food, wine, fashion... and love !! What about the consequences of marrying a national in France? Before getting engaged, there are a few things you need to know about French Family law, from the requirements related to the celebration, up to inheritance...


Regional Guides

Travel: Visit Brittany
Explore the Grotte Du Diable and the magical forest of Huelgoat in the central Brittany region.

Feeling Taxed?

taxes in France
The French Tax System
A guide to French taxes covering income tax, wealth Tax, capital gains tax, inheritance and gift tax rates.


The Camargue
The Camargue
The Camargue is a vast river delta on the French Mediterranean coast also known as the wild west of France.


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