The Lost in France toolbar

The Lost in France toolbar is a nifty gadget that gives you instant access to the most useful pages in our living in France sections, latest news, forum posts and weather all delivered straight to your web browser and best of all it's completely FREE!

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As well as keeping you up to date with what's going on in France our toolbar has plenty of other fab things:
  • Current Weather for your location (anywhere in the world).
  • Watch live TV news in English from France24 (and other channels)
  • A Google search bar so you can search the web straight from your browser.
  • Webpage Translation - just click the translate button to automatically translate any pages into English.
  • Can notify you of new emails from Outlook Express or other email accounts such as Yahoo etc
  • You can also add your own gadgets such as notes and reminders, games, Suduko....
  • Uninstalls in seconds in the unlikely event that you decide you don't like it
The Lost in France toolbar is available for both Internet Explorer & FireFox - click here to download.

All the toolbar components are optional - you can add or remove them and customise your toolbar to suit.
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