Writing your blog

The blog login form is located at the bottom of the right hand column - this is so that readers get to see the list of bloggers and comments first. Once logged in the form will contain links to add a new item, your blog page, comments management and your account link.

Adding a new item

blogFrom the blogs section you can either click on 'Add new item' from the login box in the right hand column or from your blog by clicking on 'Post a new item' at the top of the page. The editor window will open in a popup, if the pop up is too large for your screen please let us know but in the meantime just right click on the link and open it in a separate tab instead as this will resize the window to fit.

The buttons: The 'Save' button will save and post/publish your entry but the window will remain open in case you wish to make changes. The 'Cancel' button will close the window.

Title alias: This controls the url of your blog entry, you can leave it blank and it will be automatically created from your blog entry title.

The editor window: The editor window is split into two sections, the first box is for the intro or teaser text, the second for the main blog text. You can either just copy and paste the first paragraph of your blog into the intro text box or if you feel inclined write a separate intro text.

The editor buttons: (see image below) The 'Toggle editor' button allows you to switch between rich text (formatted) and html code, make sure that you toggle the editor back to rich text before saving your blog. The 'My Photos' button synchronizes your blog with your photo albums so that you can insert uploaded images inside your blog (see 'Adding additional images' below). Please ignore the 'Image' and 'Pagebreak' buttons if you see them. The paint brush symbol will try to clean up any messy code if you've pasted from another web page or a Word document, to clean up the code highlight the text first and then click the paintbrush.


Toggle Sidebar / Publishing Date: To change the published date of a blog article click on 'Toggle sidebar' (underneath the cancel button). Here you can also use the 'Author alias' if you wish to change the author name for an item and see how many hits your article has received.

Image tab: Here you can upload the main image for your blog. Images need to be at least 570px wide and will be automatically resized to fit on upload. The main image will be shown above the text of your blog entry and will be clickable to view full size if it is larger than 570px. There is no upload button to click, the image that you selected with the browse button will be uploaded when you click the 'Save' button. To change an image just re-upload a new one.

Adding additional images (not gallery): To upload additional images to display inside your blog first head to the community page, click on the profile tab and then the 'upload photos' link (see image below), then create an album and upload your pictures.


Next time that you add or edit a blog article you will see the 'My Photos' button  beneath the main editor box, click the button and pictures uploaded to your albums will automatically appear ready to be inserted into your blog.

galleryImage gallery: Here you can upload a zip file of additional images that will be shown as a gallery with slide show. To include a gallery you must place all of your pictures in a zipped folder first before uploading.

If you want to include captions and titles in your gallery you'll need to create a text file and include it with the images in the zipped folder, you can do this using notepad (or similar). Open Notepad and type in or copy and paste the following (each image is on a new line, make sure to change the image names to match your own) :

image1.jpg|The image title|The image description
image2.jpg|The image title|The image description
image3.jpg|The image title|The image description

or if you just want titles and no descriptions:

image.jpg|The image title|

Now save the file as labels.txt and place it inside the zipped folder with your images. The images and their descriptions (if added) will uploaded and thumbnails automatically created.


New comments to your blog will be held in an unpublished state by default and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to publish them. You can manage your comments by clicking on 'Moderate comments to my published items' on the blog login form.

Comment Subscriptions: To receive email notifications of new comments to your blog entry you will need to click the 'Comment subscription' button at the bottom of the page after you've published your blog entry.

Editing Comments: To edit, publish or unpublish comments to your blog click on 'Moderate comments to my items'.

Comment Spam: Occasionally comment systems attract spam posts where the commenter will post links to other websites when this happens we will try to remove the comment but you may still receive a notification to say that a new comment has been posted.

Other Settings

Click on the 'My account' link to change the description of your blog, your website link if you have one, blog avatar and other details.

France Network

You can also show your latest blog posts on your profile by clicking on the Applications tab and then 'add application' and selecting 'My Blog Posts'.
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