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    Women 'could join British infantry'

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 07:46)

    Women could be allowed to serve in British infantry units for the first time by 2016, the BBC understands, subject to a review into female soldiers.

    Disabled 'missing out' on scheme

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 07:40)

    Substantial numbers of disabled people are missing out on government support to help them into work, a group of MPs say.

    Llambias made Rangers chief executive

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 07:23)

    Rangers announce former Newcastle United managing director Derek Llambias as their new chief executive.

    999 crews on alert for 'mad' Friday

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 07:17)

    Emergency crews across Wales expect one of the busiest nights of the year as many revellers overindulge on the final Friday before Christmas.

    Risk of abuse 'must be reported'

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 06:42)

    Suspected risk of abuse or neglect of children or adults must reported by police, health workers and other officials from 2016.

    Student cuts in budget 'nonsensical'

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 06:14)

    A Northern Ireland Executive budget that would reduce student numbers is "nonsensical", according to leading business organisation, the CBI.

    Witnesses 'to pre-record statements'

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 06:13)

    Victims and witnesses could pre-record video statements rather than giving evidence in court under new proposals being considered.

    'Teen terror' and Sony cyber war - the papers

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 06:11)

    The West's struggle against Islamic State on front pages

    Tories drop aides from election list

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 05:43)

    The Conservative Party has prevented two of the home secretary's special advisers from standing for Parliament after they failed to campaign in the Rochester and Strood by-election.

    Brain's 'internal compass' found

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 01:46)

    The precise part of the brain that gives people a sense of direction has been pinpointed by scientists.

    'Support vulnerable doctors' call

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 01:43)

    Up to 28 doctors took their own lives between 2005 and 2013 while being investigated by the General Medical Council, an independent review of cases has found.

    VIDEO: Jail staff 'sent miles to fill gaps'

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 01:04)

    Nearly 250 prison officers are being bussed across the country to fill gaps at other jails because staff shortages are so acute this Christmas, according to leaked documents.

    Record 500,000 started university

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 00:47)

    Record numbers of students entered university this year, but the gender gap has never been wider, according to annual admission figures.

    Quiz of the year pt 1: Who said that?

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 00:14)

    Do you remember who said what from 2014?

    Nick Hewer to leave The Apprentice

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 00:04)

    Lord Sugar's adviser on The Apprentice Nick Hewer announces he is to leave the BBC One show after a decade.

    VIDEO: A night on the SOS bus

       (Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00)

    The bus that deals with drunk people on the worst days of the year

    Hint of breakthrough in NI talks

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 23:57)

    There may have been a partial breakthrough in the cross-party talks at Stormont, a source suggests to the BBC.

    Staff 'bussed in to plug jail gaps'

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 22:34)

    Nearly 250 prison officers are being bussed across the country to fill gaps at other jails because staff shortages are so acute this Christmas, according to leaked documents.

    Man held over armed police stand-off

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 21:39)

    A 43-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a woman was injured during a five-hour stand-off with police at a flat in Lancashire.

    Cook not the way forward - Hughes

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 21:05)

    Alastair Cook should be relieved of the one-day captaincy if England are to prosper at the ICC World Cup, says Simon Hughes.

    VIDEO: Punch-up at parish meeting

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 20:24)

    Pictures have emerged of a brawl at at Lancashire parish council committee meeting over a waiting list for grazing land.

    VIDEO: Have free school meals meant less cash?

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 19:45)

    The BBC's Alex Forsyth investigates whether free school meals for infant pupils in England has had an impact on the pupil premium funding.

    Balotelli gets one-match ban & fine

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 18:52)

    Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli gets a one-match ban and £25,000 fine from the FA as punishment for his Super Mario post.

    Cost of MPs' advisers hits £8.4m

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 18:49)

    The cost of ministers' special advisers increases more than £1m in the past year, taking it to £8.4m, official figures show.

    Fugitive in light aircraft arrest

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 17:52)

    One of the UK's most wanted fugitives is arrested while attempting to return to Britain in a light aircraft.

    Khan to give £30k shorts to Peshawar

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 17:51)

    Boxer Amir Khan will donate shorts worth £30,000 to help rebuild the Peshawar school where 141 children and staff died.

    Cling film 'sex death' man jailed

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:46)

    A man is jailed for five years for causing the death of a man covered in cling film during a sex game.

    Chef eats humble pie for mix-up

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:21)

    The World Pie Eating Championships are thrown into turmoil after a work experience chef sends the wrong pies to the Wigan event.

    Council cuts: Who will lose out most?

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:07)

    How is your local authority affected?

    Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality?

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:03)

    Find the country that matches your drinking habits

    English council funds 'cut by 1.8%'

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 15:50)

    English councils will face an average cut of 1.8% in their overall spending power, the government says.

    Exhibition marks 1914 football truce

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 14:51)

    Exhibition marks the 1914 Christmas football truce

    VIDEO: New lights give hope to stargazers

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 14:45)

    New streetlights could reduce the orange glare of older sodium lights meaning clearer conditions for drivers and stargazers.

    New claim to shortest double yellows

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 13:15)

    A street claiming to be home to the shortest set of double yellow lines in England is "beaten" by an even shorter set in a nearby road.

    Friday marks election campaign start

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:30)

    The 2015 general election campaign officially begins on Friday, meaning candidates' spending will be subject to strict rules and limits.

    VIDEO: Transport Committee

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:18)

    MPs hear evidence on the failure of air traffic management systems.

    VIDEO: Grayling defends probation contracts

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:11)

    New probation contracts worth £450m will be signed off by the government as 21 private companies take over the management of low and medium-risk offenders.

    TTIP: The EU-US trade deal explained

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 10:09)

    Why are the EU-US trade talks proving to be so controversial?

    VIDEO: Has the high street got worse?

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 09:17)

    Three years ago retails expert, Mary Portas, carried out a review of the high street for the government and the BBC takes her back to one of those towns, Stockport, to find out if anything has changed.

    VIDEO: 'Ice pancakes' form on River Dee

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:46)

    Ice pancake formations, more commonly seen in the Antarctic, have been photographed on the River Dee in Aberdeenshire.

    The Russians fighting a 'holy war' in Ukraine

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:27)

    The Kremlin denies sending Russian troops to Ukraine, but Russian volunteers there are proud to talk about their crusade to revive an Orthodox empire.

    The buildings that would have been impossible

       (Thursday, 18 December 2014 00:11)

    How computers helped build some of the world's most distinct buildings.

    VIDEO: Festive park shuts permanently

       (Wednesday, 17 December 2014 11:32)

    A much-criticised Christmas attraction near Sutton Coldfield has closed down permanently.

    How much was 1989 like 1919?

       (Tuesday, 16 December 2014 22:43)

    Many of today's global problems are hangovers from bad, ungenerous decisions at the end of previous conflicts, writes Jeffrey Sachs.

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