Selling a car in France
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TOPIC: Selling a car in France

Selling a car in France 9 years, 2 months ago #1

  • kevinandkate
I am in the process of selling my wifes Renault Twingo, French registered and LHD, but have no idea what to do with the Carte Gris, it says on it to put the new owners name and address and to sign it but nothing else. The section you complete the details on looks like a tear off slip but I dont know which bit to keep or send off anywhere. Anyone done this?.

Re: Selling a car in France 9 years ago #2

  • mijhodgson
Don't know how much help this iwill be, but a visit or a phone call to your local Sous Prefecture might be useful, I know they they deal with Carte Gris.

Re: Selling a car in France 9 years ago #3

  • lulu labonne
You do have to fill in the form on the back of the carte gris with the buyers details and you need to sign in the little box. You send that little strip to the sous-prefecture. You keep the rest of it and you need to strike across the front of the carte with a slash then write 'vendu', the date and very importantly the time because of insurance-related issues. Then you sign it. The buyer might want a copy. Check up at the mairie to see if you need to do and acte de vente. Have you sold the car? because you'll need to get a controle technique even if your existing one is still in date.
Hope that helps

Re: Selling a car in France 9 years ago #4

  • lulu labonne
Well whadaya know the maire just popped by and was able to clarify the paper trail that is France.
You DO need an Acte de Vente from the Mairie. there are two forms, you fill them in keeping one and giving the other to the buyer - he will need it to get a carte gris. You have to put your bit of the Acte de Vente along with that little bit of the carte gris that you filled in at the back and send TOGETHER to the sous prefecture - Take a copy of the Acte de Vente for yourself.

You give the struck through and signed larger bit of the carte gris (remember signed, dated and the time of purchase) to the buyer - might as well take a copy of that for yourself for good measure.

Re: Selling a car in France 8 years, 7 months ago #5

  • baruch enterprises
Don't forget to send a copy of the mandat de vente to your Insurance company (if insured here in France it is mandatory)

Dale Goodier
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