paying for visit to GP as OAP?
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TOPIC: paying for visit to GP as OAP?

paying for visit to GP as OAP? 3 years, 8 months ago #1

Hi - I was just wondering if as a UK pensioner, newly resident in France, and needing repeat prescription for a long-term illness (the tablets I believe are free, as in UK) - do I still only get 70% refund from the cost of the GP visit? I'm beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea living here, with all the health costs which I never knew about. Plus even though I don't get enough pension to pay tax - because I wasn't resident here in Jan13, they made me pay the full tax d'habitation. (The house is still unfinished, but I had to move in-they still called it a 'secondaire'). I will still have to pay fonciere - apparently you get €100 off, but still have to pay til you're 75!!!! OK, I said, so reduce my monthly payment, to take account of the reduction - oh no, she says, can't do that -we'll give it back to you next October, if it turns out you've paid too much......
Even though I had an EU medical card, they still made me pay for some hospital treatment when I fainted and had a fall on the ferry in Cherbourg, got taken off in an ambulance. They made so many blood tests, about 80, but wouldn't tell be what they were for(but I had to pay for them) Fortunately, I wasn't kept in overnight, I had my EHIC card with me, but being a bit groggy, didn't realise it, but later showed it to the CPAM lady, who was not impressed. I've since written to CPAM, with a copy of the card, and am waiting for a reply....
And now I fear having to pay for getting my repeat prescription, which they will only issue for 3months, so 4 visits per year, I think it's time to sell up and go back, disillusioned.
And I never thought it would be so cooold.
end of rant....

Re: paying for visit to GP as OAP? 3 years, 7 months ago #2

You may have gone to a private clinique, you will not get reimbursed for that, however I gather you live in the UK, if so you have to go back to the UK authorities and with your invoices get the money back.
We pay for an assurance but with certain problems like diabetes one gets 100% for basically everything and if there are any things one does not get it for then the assurance is the payee. The CPAM probably will not reply! Come on they have difficulty in even knowing what they send out! It has taken 2 years of them mucking about and now we have just received a letter stating we have not signed up for a doctor, that has been done 3-4 times. for the same doctor. For some reason my wife got charged €1 for a visit to the doctors, we then got that back into our bank account, I did not have to pay. That has now been sorted. Yet we get paid the percentage of monies to go to the hospital with my wife!
Now the mairie. Send them a letter, recommande and head it Motif for the maison primary.
If you then ask them to ensure that next time you have the house as maison permanant and the date you moved in, that you are a pensioner, copies of S1, etc and ask they respond within 14 days with the information that you are now registered as resident, that they acknowledge you are retired etc and they SHOULD send confirmation back accordingly.
Then with that letter and again copies of your S1 go and see the CPAM etc any medical stuff and the like. It should take less than 6 months to complete everything.
Send me a PM if there are things that are of a personal nature or on here if just general.
You often find things change so do not be surprised if you get conflicting information.
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