Pets can no longer be banned from holiday rentals
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TOPIC: Pets can no longer be banned from holiday rentals

Pets can no longer be banned from holiday rentals 6 years, 6 months ago #1

The French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) has ruled that it is illegal for owners of holiday rentals to ban pets after a French consumer association invoked a 1970 law which had previously only applied to long term rentals. The judge has now decided that this should also apply to vacation rentals ....full article

Re: Pets can no longer be banned from holiday rentals 4 years, 7 months ago #2

  • lottie
Hi fellow giters,
We have our gite here in dept 23 approx 3 ks from Aigurande, and over some 8 years we've been giting it out with little if any problems worth crying about, we 've had some very nice people and some i'd gladly strangle given half a chance,
But we would never have people with animals!

Why because if you've ever owned a dog for instance you dont need me to tell you that they leave their calling card via using the likes of lamp post, postal box pole, or the corners of chairs, furniture of any nature,
Also dogs do carry flee's this cant be helped and here in france more than in a lot of places in the uk the common "tick" is a problem.

I dont want my home from home gite with the very good furniture ive spent my hard earned cash providing to be given over to dogs leaving their calling card,

Once one dog has stayed in the gite and just left its own smell then the next doggy visitor will leave a stronger one and so on and so on.

Its all very well for the french law to say you cant say no to dog owners who want to use your gite for their dogs,
Ive put in my terms/conditions that a fee of 500 euro is required for each dog .

Ive not had and dont want any dog request to hire the gite.

Its bad enough trying to have non smokers, but to clean up after dogs in the garden and to risk having any complaint ref doggy smells is a risk im not willing to take.

Now we do have 4 dogs of our own so please dont think we're not dog lovers because we are "But" thats our own choice and i wouldnt dream of taking our 4 to any ones home for a few hours visit never mind a sleep over.
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