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TOPIC: A gardener in France

Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 10 months ago #19

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Hi Pamela,

Lovely! Will contact you soon.


Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 10 months ago #20


We've used:

Le jardin de Plaisance - Plaisance - 87100 Le Vigen - tél.
pépinieres genéralistes, plantes à massifs, plants maraichers, arbres et arbustes, etc...

which is in Haute Vienne close to Limoges. However, I don't remember seeing many trees there.


Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 10 months ago #21

Many Thanks for your reply ..... but that would be a long drive for a few plants ....

Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 10 months ago #22

Hi we live in the area twixt Rennes and Nantes, the soil is a little acid so they do lime the fields however our strawberry plants exist outside all the time, we grow lovely marrows, tomatoes do OK but do watch mildew, Parsnips do well as do apples. Now speaking of apples, get hold of in the UK a Spartan apple tree, they are a desert apple, vert resistant to frosts in spring, ditto wet, ditto dry and resist maggots. We had one when in the UK and we got a dwarf to see how it went, magic, Our Hydrangeas are a bit funny, some types do well others do not! Our Raspberries are doing well as are blackberries without thorns of which we have 2 types, Our clematis also seem to do well Holly grows OK as does Bay.
You may be interested in the fact that weeds do well also we had an excellent crop of stinging nettles, closely followed by brambles. Both my wife and I have had health problems this year and they really got a hold.
However our best plant so far HAS to be the Spartan apples, all are bigger than they are listed as being. Tempted to go and get one now actually (now 03:40)

Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 10 months ago #23

stinging nettles is a sign of good soil.... so not all bad, have you tried eatting them and making tea from them, we use them where we would use spinach. Also the lend of a goat would help clear them.... although they prefer apples so keep it away from your tree. Im going to get some apple and pear trees this year so will look for the one you suggested. My neighbour has just given me some raspberry plants to add to my fruit bush section.
If your health problems continue did you know there are many organisations who organise places for students to stay for free you feed and bed them and for free they work for you, most of the ones i have met have been german students and they work so hard and have been great fun to sit and talk to in the evenings.. they have been in the village to help with a couple making a eco house. if your interested i could find a site name for you?

Re: A gardener in France 3 years, 9 months ago #24

We had a goat, and he cleared totally all the briars and rubbish from our overgrown garden but somehow something poisoned the poor old boy. He is now buried in the garden with some weeds doing well on his grave. Incidentally there is some sort of regulation about registering goats and tagging them. It is only for commercial, not for pets or privately kept. We sent the registering Authorities a photo of our goat and got the reply back that he was classified as a pet but in any case "chipping" would have been OK.
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