mains water vs well
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TOPIC: mains water vs well

mains water vs well 4 years, 3 months ago #1

We have water pumped from our own well. We don't pay any water bill even though we are connected to the sewage mains.

Any idea what the cost would be to connect to mains?

We may have to change the pump and/or the pressure tank and it may be a good time to go on the mains and add another bill!

Any ideas?

Re: mains water vs well 4 years, 3 months ago #2

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I have just had mains water connected, presumably the cost is pretty much similar everywhere, it was just under 1000 Euros. That price is a fixed charge and is just for connecting to the mains at the supply point, usually the street, and putting in the water meter. From the property border, the meter to your house is not included. So it's not cheap! Hope this helps your decision, but contact your water company for a definite price for your property and remember once connected you pay for the water you use and this also counts for the sewage as you are connected to the mains sewer this doubles your water bill.

Re: mains water vs well 4 years, 3 months ago #3

Thank you for that, Paul. I sort of feel we have the best of both worlds at the moment with sewage service but no bills.

I feel it's tempting fate contacting the water company. Truth is I've never seen a water bill. I know it's metered but how much is it per litre? How much are the standing charges?

Re: mains water vs well 4 years, 2 months ago #4

We have both, we have taps dedicated to mains water and the rest can be changed to the well. Doing it this way means that there is no neeed to get the water tested, nor all the problems with so called assainmemnt. The pumps are cheap, we occaisionly get air in the system so have to prime it and the tank occisionaly has to be re adjusted as to water air ratio for the pressure switch. The pump will if reasonably looked after last years.
It saves us enough for a new pump every couple of years if we really thought about it.
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