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Wart Wart

This is my new house guest Wart. Wart used to live outside in the garden but he has recently decided that he doesn't want to live outside with all the other toads, no Wart has decided that he'd rather enjoy the comforts of home.

On cold nights Wart crawls in along a tiny (because Wart is tiny too) gap in the hollow metal draft strip on the bottom of my front door. There is a gap because three centuries of footsteps have made a dip in the granite doorstep thus rendering it completely impervious to the draft excluder. When I spot him I put him safely back outside as I don't like the thought of accidentally treading on him, because the dogs may want to play squash the amphibian and because I think he may shrivel up when the heating's on.

wart the toadBut now Wart has become wise to me and when he sees me he legs it back inside the draft excluder and waits till he thinks I've gone before he sneaks back in again, we play this game of cat and mouse throughout the evening and Wart always wins in the end, obviously Wart doesn't appreciate my efforts to save him.

Yesterday I got up and found him enjoying a leisurely bath in the dogs water bowl, the previous morning I found him in the kitchen cupboard where he had become trapped after falling into a large mixing bowl - luckily for Wart it wasn't the blender. Today Wart nearly died because the stupid thing has decided to also spend his day sleeping in the gap under the door, Wart is lucky that I opened the door slowly. If Wart doesn't wise up soon he may well find that he is better equipped for life sharing a flat.

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