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Snails for your supper .... Featured

Snails for your supper. Catherine Broughton is a novelist, poet and artist living in the Charente maritime.

When the weather is damp (and earlier this year we had a lot of damp) my cleaning lady, Josie, comes round to pick up snails.  She lives in a flat, you see, and the grounds around the blocks of flats are already covered by other tenants picking up snails whereas she, being the cleaning lady for the Chateau, has large snail-gathering grounds at her disposal.

Gigi, the cat, has just brought another mulot into the house, and been quickly chased out. Mulot is the colloquial term round here for any sort of small country rodent.

Cranes again

The cranes (grus) are back. We last saw them in spring as they were flying north to their breeding grounds in northern Europe (Sweden, the Baltic sea and northern Germany). That was a welcome sight as it meant that good weather was coming.

Today we saw them heading back south to Spain where they overwinter. Some go to Algeria and Tunisia. Although a fantastic sight, and wonderful sound, it does mean it's about to get very cold. Winter follows the cranes as sure as night follows day!


This is my new house guest Wart. Wart used to live outside in the garden but he has recently decided that he doesn't want to live outside with all the other toads, no Wart has decided that he'd rather enjoy the comforts of home.
Oh my god! I didn't think you got locusts in France. Just read in the news that some parts of France are being hit by plagues of locusts because of the heat and drought, it all sounds very biblical - I'll be keeping an eye out for the 4 horses of the apocalypse.
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