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Idiosyncrasies of the French Featured

Crucial differences the British need to understand before they move to France ! These are some of the shocks. I hasten to add that I love France and have lots of French friends. Tomorrow some of the good points !

This is the story of an ageing Mercedes Sprinter which started out life as a commercial vehicle in Germany, became a motor caravan and moved to England, then to France. Please don't try this at home, children.

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Just over six years ago, on 13th December 2005, I arrived in France to do some final checks on Les Fragnes before we went ahead and signed the Compromis de Vente.

It's easy to fall blindly in love with a building - or in our case, lakes - when you're property hunting abroad, without looking beyond it. Here are a few things to think about, especially if you're coming over with a family.

Doing some housekeeping on my computer, long overdue, I stumbled across this description of our move from Ireland to France which I wrote in 2009. It might still serve as inspiration! I'll be bringing it up to date imminently.
We wanted to be below the cold isobar that on every weather map seems to run due east of La Rochelle, yes Normandy, Brittany and other points north are beautiful, but decisions had to be made. We didn't want Mayal's mansions, the expat England of Dordogne nor the Costa del Cote D'Azur,. What we did want was proximity to the Med for summer swimming, the Pyrenees for winter skiing, an airport, a motorway system nearby and a train station just in case we wanted to escape.

Take one tired, brow beaten world-weary business executive with a beautiful wife and three gorgeous kids (more of them later) and pick the whole lot up from a remote desolate island somewhere in the wild waters of the English Channel…well the Isle of Wight actually…. and deposit them lock stock and two steaming baguettes in a small town in south west France.

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