It will soon be my birthday

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It’s my birthday on 28 September and I’ll be 8 years old. I’m not sure what I’ll be getting as presents. I heard David muttering something about worm pills, but I think he was joking. I know my friends are plotting something, though. I’ve heard them talking about a surprise party and a special present. They even mentioned that my friend Glynis is making a cake — I hope it’s got chicken in it. They don’t realize I know what they are talking about. I think my friend Jean has a birthday around now too, but I’m sure it must be my party they’re planning. They’d better get a move on as we need to send out the invitations soon.

My birthday means I’m Libra. Apparently Librans like to live an easy, uncomplicated life. That’s true, but looking after Linda and David makes it a bit difficult for me to do that sometimes. Librans are also apparently successful in business. Well, that’s true too — look how well I do my blog and how many connections I have on that LinkedIn organisation. Remember, any time you want my advice, you just have to ask.

Linda’s been away to the seaside for a week, so I’ve had to take extra care of David. I’ve been invited out to lunch several times and I’ve let David come with me. Well, he likes to drive me places so it’s only fair he stays for lunch too. But we’ll be glad when Linda’s back.

I’d better give you an update. It turned out the party was on Sunday — and it was for Jean after all. I didn’t mind too much as Jean is a good friend of mine and it was made clear that I was the guest of honour. There were lots of people there who made a great fuss of me. Luckily they all remembered it was actually Jean’s birthday party and made a fuss of her too. She got a lovely hat as a present. It wouldn’t have suited me, though.

Perhaps there’ll be another party for MY birthday…

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