Rupert: A Dog in France

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It was my drama group today. We did a scene from A Midsummer’s Nights Dream. I played two parts — a dog belonging to the man in the moon and a lion. It’s a good job I can multi-task. I hadn’t realized the man in the moon had a dog, but I just listened to directions and improvised.

Everyone agreed that my portrayal of a lion was pretty scary. I had them running in all directions. I thought I heard Linda say that it was actually a wasp that caused the panic not me.  However, I have to be honest here — I think she was a little bit jealous because all she had to do was pretend to be a wall. How much acting is involved in standing there being a wall with a hole in it? Not that much. My lion, though, was worthy of an award.

There were a couple of unfortunate misunderstandings. It was only after I’d brought them my Frisbee that I found out they were talking about Thisbe. However, I don’t think I spoilt a particularly dramatic moment that much by dropping my Frisbee at the foot of Linda’s wall. Then, when I saw Gavin lying in the floor, I thought he’d had too much wine so I started to lick his face. In fact, he was playing dead and helping him wasn’t very lion-like behaviour. It also made him sneeze.

I hope things improve next week. I might suggest we do the Wizard of Oz. I could be Toto to Linda’s Dorothy.

I got a bit bored after a while, so I went to find David and took him for a walk.

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Rupert Hatfield

Rupert Hatfield

I am a very handsome Standard Poodle who has started writing his own blog about life in France.

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